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Ideas for Your Loft Conversion in Northwood
By a Professional Builder

If you could benefit from additional living space in your home, then a loft conversion by the Buckleys Building Services Ltd team is the ideal choice. Our builders assist in the design of a spacious, functional, stylish attic room, in which we can construct an extra living room, bathroom, bedroom or a new home gym. Whatever the purpose of the transformation, we’ll find the most suitable solutions for your home.

Our team undertakes property extension, loft conversion and property renovation projects in Northwood. We also have a new house builder division if you’re looking to design your home from scratch. To see examples of our quality workmanship, please visit our website gallery

In order to help clients find inspiration for their conversion project we have compiled the ultimate guide of ideas and tips below: 

  • Create a Spacious Guest Bedroom

  • Attention to Detail

  • Open-Plan Design

  • Bathroom Layout


Create a Spacious Guest Bedroom

If you’re planning a small loft conversion project, you may be thinking of how best to maximise the space. Perhaps you need an extra bedroom to accommodate your growing family, or maybe you would like a space to work from home, away from distractions in the primary living areas. Our advice is to use bright colours and have our builders install large Velux windows. This design will brighten up the room for an airier feel.

Attention To Detail

During the design phase, it’s important to lean on our expert support and consider all of the fine details. Even the layout of your furniture can have a significant impact on the usability of the space and how much you enjoy your new living environment. Built-in storage options and space-maximising furniture are key, and our builders will always account for sloped ceilings, prioritising installations based on available headroom.

Open-Plan Design

A loft conversion is the perfect opportunity to install an open-plan kitchen in your Northwood home. Our builders recommend this layout for new house builder projects, property extensions and property renovations too. The open design makes the most of your space and is ideal for modern living - combining the kitchen, living and dining areas to create a social hub in the property. 

You can say goodbye to the confined feeling of separate, smaller rooms and enjoy your investment for many years to come. 

Bathroom Layout

The installation of a shower room is a great feature to include in your loft conversion. It will take up less space than a standard bathroom suite and can therefore be fitted as part of an en-suite master bedroom. Once we’ve established there is enough head height and space for an extraction fan or window, we can go ahead and install a shower space - with concealed fittings for an aesthetically pleasing finish. 

A loft conversion is the perfect investment, and Buckleys Building Services is available in Northwood to ensure the delivery of a perfect end result.

Whether undertaking a property renovation, property extension or new house builder project, our experienced builders produce workmanship of the highest standard. 

For a loft conversion or trusted builder in Northwood or the surrounding areas, please contact Buckleys Building Services Ltd on 07810 828633 (Mobile) or 02037 298428 (Telephone).
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